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Your wedding planner

Preparation for the wedding is a hard work. a lot of smalla and big thinds to do, the details of hich we can`t forgot and not always pleasant surprises thet appearing when you at lest expect.

Who is a wedding consultant?

She is your wedding Alpha and Omega, your calendar, adviser, specialist of wedding traditons and savoire vivre rules, your stylist, decorator, organizer of impossible things and even make you `cold shower` when you panic.Wedding consultant takes care of all the preparations and details and bove all always provide advice and assistance of any matter.

Even if you will not organize wedding in Hotel Fryedyk our wedding consultant will help you in the following matters:

  • arrangement of wedding plans and implementation of the various stages,
  • help in choosing the perfect place, menu, decorations, music etc.,
  • help in finding dream wedding dress and suite,
  • completion of documents necessary for marriage,
  • watching over the course of ceremony,
  • care of the bride and groom and their guests,
  • and many others.

Wedding consultant is your best friend during the organization of your wedding. You can trust her.

Have you any questions? Call or write to us: 74 866 44 88, fryderyk@fryderyk.com.pl

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