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Special Ceremonies

Wellness ceremonies at Hotel Fryderyk provide deep relaxation and spoilin body with luxury products.

Cermony "Chocolate delight"

Luxury massage with hot chocolate will let you relax, calm down and regenerates your skin. After the massage the skin is hydrated, nourished and soothed. Reccomended especially in rainy cold days.

Ceremony "Revitalization and rejuvenation"

Active, multivitamin massage combined with the revitalizing and rejuvenating concentrate. Cranberry serum is a vitamn bomb thet provides the skin a large dose of vitamin C. Additionaly serum has an antibacterial effect and strangthen the skin`s resistance.

Ceremony "Firming and relaxation"

For this masaage we use cocoa butter. Chocolate moisturizes and smmoths the skin also has anti-cellulite and slimming effects. Perfect for people with dry skin. Masssage with chocolate serum affects the well-being.

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